Summary Resume for Ralph N. Haber, Ph.D. September, 2012

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Mail Address: 313 Ridge View Drive, Swall Meadows, CA 93514
Telephone: 760-387-2458 • Fax: 760-387-2459

Current Positions:

Partner, Human Factors Consultants, 1987-present
Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1993-present

Legal Consultation:

Our firm, Human Factors Consultants, provides legal expertise, consultation and testimony on perception, eyewitness testimony, eyewitness identification and lineup procedures, recovered memory, children’s understanding, memory and testimony, fingerprint identification, linguistics and language, verbal and non-verbal harassment, human factors of safety including product design, warnings and training, and human factors of accidents. The two partners are Ralph Haber, Ph.D., and Lyn Haber, Ph.D. From 1978 to the present, we have been retained as expert witnesses in over 100 criminal cases and in over 100 civil cases.

Court Qualifications:

I have been qualified as an expert on eyewitness testimony and identification, fingerprint identification, memory, and human factors in superior courts in ten counties in California, two counties of Illinois and two counties of Wisconsin. I have been qualified as an expert on these topics in six different districts of the United States Federal Courts (California, North Carolina, Virginia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey) and before the Court of the International Trade Commission.


BA in Philosophy (with honors), 1953, University of Michigan, 1949-1953
MA in Psychology, 1954, Wesleyan University (Connecticut), 1953-1954
Ph.D. in Psychology, 1957, Stanford University, 1954-1957
Post-Doctoral Fellow in Human Factors, 1970-1971, Applied Psychology Unit, Medical
Research Council, Cambridge, England


Society of the Sigma Xi, Associate Member, 1954; Full Member, 1957
Fellow, American Psychological Association, including Division 3, 1970; Division 2, 1983
Fellow, American Association for the Advance of Science, 1971
Special Post-Doctoral Fellowship, USPHS-NIMH, 1970-1971
Outstanding Achievement Award, University of Michigan, 1977
Fellow, Institute of the Humanities, University of Illinois, 1984-1985
Founding Fellow, American Psychological Society, 1989

University Appointments:

Stanford University: Research associate, Institute for Communication Research, l957-l958
San Francisco State College: Instructor in Psychology, l957-l958
Yale University: Assistant Professor, l958-l964
University of Rochester:
Associate Professor of Psychology, l964-l967
Professor of Psychology, l967-l979
Chairman, Department of Psychology, l967-l970
University of Illinois at Chicago:
Professor of Psychology, l979-1991
Research Professor of Psychology, 1991-1994
Professor Emeritus of Psychology, 1994-present
University of California at Santa Cruz, Research Associate, Dept. of Psychology, 1995-1999
University of California at Riverside, Research Associate, Dept. of Psychology, 1995-1998.

Government Contracts and Grants (1955-present):

National Science Foundation (6 grants)
Veterans Administration (3 contracts)
Department of Transportation (2 contracts)
U.S. Office of Education (2 contracts)
National Institute of Mental Health (2 grants)
U.S. Army Human Engineering Laboratories (1 contract)
U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research (1 contract)
National Eye Institute (1 grant)

Professional Advisory and Consulting Activities (1955-present):

Consulting editor for 15 scientific journals and 3 publishers; scientific reviewer for 6 governmental and 3 military agencies; research consultant to 2 universities and 4 agencies of the government. As a partner in Human Factors Consultants, I provide consultation and research for governmental and business clients, human factors expertise in areas of product and equipment design and operation, development and evaluation of training programs, performance assessment, risk and accident analyses, and cost/benefit analyses of proposed changes in operations.

Books and other Scientific Publications (1954-present):

Published 8 books, 250 scientific articles and chapters, and 125 conference and convention presentations on topics in cognitive psychology and human factors.

Complete Resume:

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